Realizations and the Family of Walter Anderson have been struck by tragedy. Katrina wasn't kind to us. Most of the family homes along Shearwater drive were destroyed. The building we use to print our blockprints, and most of the blockprints that we use to make the prints were destroyed. We will rebuild and replace the blockprints when we can, but for now we are only selling those prints that we have left in stock. Read more about what happened to Shearwater in an essay by John Anderson, or in news stories by NPR, the Washington Post and the Seattle Post.

Most importantly, the vault where the family stored all of our original Walter Anderson work and paintings was breached. 90% of the original artwork inside was submerged in saltwater, covered in mud, and battered about. For weeks family members and volunteers (special thanks to Don, Joy, & Dennis) have toiled 20 hours a day at the Ocean Springs Community Center, trying to save what's left. Thanks to their extraordinary efforts, the urgent work has been done. All of the drawing, watercolors, and prints that survived have been seperated, dried, and cataloged. At this point, we've reached the limit of what we can do.

There are hundreds of peices of artwork left, and each one needs to be evaluated, treated, and cleaned by a professional conservator. The family will do whatever is necessary to preserve this work. But we've lost our homes, we've lost our livelihood, and this is expensive work. What's more, time is short. The longer each peice of work goes without attention, the less we'll be able to save.

A 'Walter Anderson Art Conservation Fund' has been established for the preservation and promotion of Walter Anderson work damaged by Katrina. This fund supercedes the initial WIA disaster relief recovery fund that was kindly organized by Kimberly Parker. Because the art is held in trust by a private family, your direct contributions aren't tax deductible at this time. Instructions are below.

How you can Help

    Save Walter's Art
  1. Donate Money: Donate money to the recovery fund directly online via Paypal (non tax-deductible). Send checks care of John Anderson, 1000 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 39564.

  2. Donate your time and expertise: Are you a professional conservator, or affiliated with an institution that does conservation work? Would you be willing to donate staff and resources to the Anderson art restoration effort? Please contact John Anderson at to discuss how you might help.